Fairfax And Loudoun County State Legislators Urge School Boards To Increase Time Dedicated To Recess In Elementary Schools

May 11, 2018

Chantilly, Va.- State Legislators, representing both Loudoun and Fairfax County released a letter of support to their respective School Boards, urging them to take advantage of House Bill 1419/Senate Bill 273 which would allow local school boards to exercise their discretion in setting their schedules for the upcoming school years and increasing the amount of time dedicated to unstructured recreational time or recess. 


"Research has shown that student performance increases when children have the time to run, socialize and have a mental break," said Delegate Delaney. "Providing our elementary school students with an extra 15-20 minutes of recess time can truly impact our student's behavior and focus."


This new provision has already been taking advantage of in Prince William County, where their local school board has agreed to double the amount of time they dedicate to recess from 15 to 30 minutes. 


Signees of this letters are hopeful that the local school boards will recognize the positive effects of recess/unstructured recreational time and how it can better our elementary student’s academic performance, focus, and overall being.