Delegate Karrie Delaney Releases First Bills for 2020 Legislative Session

January 3, 2020

Delegate Karrie Delaney Releases First Bills for 2020 Legislative Session


(CHANTILLY, VA) - Delegate Karrie Delaney has filed her first comprehensive legislative package for the 2020 General Assembly Session. This first legislative package addresses a diverse set of issues from worker protections, green energy, supporting our veteran community, and education. This package from Delegate Delaney is a direct response to feedback from her district and relates to many of the issues that have been brought to her attention throughout her tenure as Delegate. 


“I am proud to release my first set of legislation for the 2020 session,” said Del. Delaney. “My bills aim to address everyday issues such as preserving our environment, and protections for Virginia’s workers. I am ready and excited to get to work for the people of the 67th district and for all Virginians. Together, we are going to make great change.”


The first bill Delegate Delaney introduced this year is House Bill 407, a reintroduction of a bill which was  narrowly defeated in the previous legislative session. House Bill 407 ensures that law breaking businesses who incorporate the practice of misclassification into their regular business operations are prohibited from gaining state contracts. The issue of worker misclassification costs the Commonwealth millions in uncollected tax dollars each year. “Fighting to make sure that we, as a Commonwealth, support only businesses who are lawful and fair to their employees is essential and House Bill 407 does just that,” said Del. Delaney. 


As seen in her first package release, the Delegate is serious about addressing the urgent issue of climate change and supporting green energy in the 2020 legislative session. The Delegate has currently released three energy related bills: House Bill 408 which extends the needed green job creation tax credit to 2026, House Bill 413 which authorizes local authorities to set minimum energy standards for new development, and House Bill 414 which provides more rights to homeowners who live in homeowners’ associations (HOAs) and want to install solar panels on their home. “Supporting our transition to a greener tomorrow is necessary, and we must take action now,” says Del. Delaney. “We need to do all that we can to make the Commonwealth a leader in green energy.”


Additionally, the Delegate continues her advocacy for our children, our most vulnerable populations, and victims of intimate partner violence. In House Bill 415, the Delegate stands with our children by requiring local school authorities to form policies that ensure that children who are suspended are still permitted access to graded work so they do not fall behind in their education. She is also filing House Bill 410, a piece of legislation inspired by local parents, which requires local school authorities to notify parents when their child receives literacy and Response to Intervention screening and services. And, aligning with her previous professional experience, the Delegate is taking on the issue of dating violence in Virginia and has proposed House Bill 412, which adds dating relationships to the definition of household members. This allows victims of violence by a domestic partner protection and legal recourse in the Commonwealth of Virginia, a right they have not been afforded in the past. 


Finally, after hearing concerns from veterans in her community, Delegate Delaney was alerted to the fact that Veterans in the Commonwealth of Virginia are not fully aware of the services the Commonwealth has for them. In response, the Delegate has filed House Bill 411,  which requires the Department of Motor Vehicles to provide information on resources available to our veteran community to any person who goes to the DMV for services and self-identifies as a veteran.


The Delegate is said to release bills over the next week which will expand and strengthen her current portfolio.