Delegate Karrie Delaney Champions Recess Bill

January 16, 2018
RICHMOND, Va. -   Today, Virginia House Delegate Karrie Delaney announced House Bill 1419 which would increase elementary students' access recess - an evidence-based approach to enhancing academic performance in the classroom.
House Bill 1419 will modify the minimum instructional hours dedicated to the four core academic disciplines and will allow
local school boards the authority to include unstructured recreational time into the calculation of total teaching hours. This bill aims to provide elementary students with opportunities to develop social skills while allowing them time to regain the focus needed to excel during the school day. 
"Our children need and deserve time during the school day to release their energy and be active," said Delegate Delaney. "Allowing local school boards to incorporate more unstructured recreational time into their elementary curriculum can result in our children having more focus and productivity in the classroom.
Delegate Delaney's efforts are being supported by "More Recess for Virginians" advocacy groups across the Commonwealth. Members of More Recess Virginians will be lobbying their local legislators to support House Bill 1419 as it travels through sub and full committee. 
For more information on House Bill 1419 please click here, or contact Delegate Delaney's Richmond Office at