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Delaney Dispatch (August 14, 2020)

I hope you and your families are continuing to stay safe and healthy as summer ends. In some ways, 2020 has been a year of unprecedented challenges and tragedy. But, I have seen, and I hope you have seen as well, many reasons for hope. Neighbors have stepped up to help the most vulnerable among us by delivering groceries and providing comfort virtually or at a distance. Small businesses have innovated and adapted to our new world. I hope that we can continue this spirit of kindness and compassion beyond this crisis and continue to make our community an amazing place to live.

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Delaney Dispatch (July 31, 2020)

I hope you and your families are staying safe and well. Today, I have an update on the ongoing pandemic in Virginia, as well as information on our hospitals, Metro bus services, and a new grant program for businesses and non-profits in the Commonwealth.

As we are starting to see more cases in parts of Virginia, it is so critical that we remain vigilant in Northern Virginia. COVID-19 is still very much in our midst, and we need to continue to practice social distancing and wear face coverings when going out in public spaces. 

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Delaney Dispatch (July 20, 2020)

I hope you and your families are staying safe and well. I wanted to provide a brief update on COVID-19 in Virginia, as well as more information regarding the General Assembly's special session.

Virginia has now been in Phase 3 of our reopening plan since July 1, but even as our lives begin to return to our new normal, we need to all stay vigilant and do everything we can to stem any further spread of the virus in our communities. Please continue to wear your face mask in public. Continue to practice strict social distancing. And please don't go out if you feel sick or have come in contact with anyone who tested positive for COVID-19.

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Delaney Dispatch (Coronavirus Update - June 26, 2020)

I hope you and your family are doing well as our region continues Phase 2 of the Commonwealth's reopening plan. As you begin to patronize our local businesses, salons, and restaurants again, please remember to do your part to keep everyone safe. Please wear a face covering whenever possible, maintain an adequate distance from others, and keep up your hand washing. These are all simple things we have been doing for the past few months, and they will serve us well as we reopen.

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Delaney Dispatch (Coronavirus Update - June 12, 2020)

I hope you all had a wonderful and healthy week as our region enters Phase 2 of the reopening plan. As we enter summer and our kids finish their school years virtually, I hope you and your families are able to enjoy the beautiful weather however possible. As we move further into the phases of reopening, please remember to keep adhering to CDC guidelines regarding hygiene, face coverings, and social distancing. I do have some information in this newsletter regarding the changes from Phase 1 to Phase 2, but the overarching message that we are safer at home has not changed. Our community has stepped up and come together in this time of crisis by staying at home, wearing masks, and keeping a safe social distance when in public spaces. We need to keep working together to ensure that the virus does not spread further.

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Delaney Dispatch (Coronavirus Update - June 5, 2020)

I hope everyone is continuing to stay safe and healthy throughout Phase One in Northern Virginia. I know our Commonwealth and our country is grappling with so much right now. From the pandemic to the protests across Virginia and America, we are all facing very difficult situations head-on and having conversations that are quite overdue.

I want to say a few words in particular regarding the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd. It has been clear for some time that many of the institutions that we interact with daily have deeply ingrained racial inequities that must be addressed. Now is not the time for division and hatred. Now is the time for us to come together, regardless of our background, and recognize the pain and inequality these systems are perpetuating, and work on solutions. Only then can we achieve a society that truly provides liberty and justice for all. I can never fully comprehend the pain so many of my friends, neighbors, and constituents are experiencing. But what I can do is listen and stand with you as we strive for change.

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Delaney Dispatch (Coronavirus Update - May 29, 2020)

I hope everyone is continuing to stay safe as our region begins its first phase of reopening. I have several updates to share with you this week, but first, I would like to emphasize that although Northern Virginia is beginning its reopening process, those who are most at risk are still safer at home. This virus is still not gone, and everyone must do their part and remain vigilant to keep themselves and their neighbors as safe as possible.

This week, I have some updates and reminders about what Phase 1 of reopening looks like, more information on face masks, and some news from the DMV regarding reopenings of offices in Northern Virginia. And, I have some reminders about the Fairfax RISE program (applications open soon), and resources for mental health and domestic abuse emergencies. I cannot stress enough that as we continue on our road to recovery, it is so important to take care of your own mental health, and be aware that their are resources for those experiencing dangerous situations. 

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Delaney Dispatch (Coronavirus Update - May 22, 2020)

I hope everyone has had a safe and healthy week. As we head into Memorial Day weekend, I want to take the opportunity to remember our service men and women who have fallen in service to our country. While this weekend may look different than it has in years past, our gratitude for their sacrifices remains the same.

This week, I have information regarding Fairfax County parks' reopening, news about an education work group, a useful new resource from the Virginia Department of Health, and another reminder about the Fairfax County RISE grant program which will launch in early June. At the bottom of this newsletter there are resources for mental health and domestic violence emergencies, as well as information from INOVA on testing sites and procedures. I include these resources in every newsletter, and I encourage you to take advantage of them should you need to.

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Delaney Dispatch (Coronavirus Update - May 16, 2020)

Another week has passed, and our Commonwealth and communities continue to grapple with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. I hope that you and your families and friends are continuing to stay safe and healthy at home whenever possible.

In this update, I have some additional information on Northern Virginia's continuing stay-at-home order, DMV operations, Metro information, and a new Fairfax County grant program for small businesses. I would also like to note a new resource page from the Virginia Housing Development Authority with information for renters, homeowners, and landlords facing insecurity at this time. As always, I have included resources for those experiencing domestic abuse and mental health crises in every newsletter - if you or someone you know is experiencing a crisis at home or with their mental health, please know that there are still organizations and individuals who are ready to help you navigate these trying times.

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Delaney Dispatch (Coronavirus Update - May 8, 2020)

I hope you had a safe week, and that you and your family remain healthy at home. We have now been experiencing this crisis in our Commonwealth for over two months. We have all made tremendous sacrifices to ensure the health and safety of our neighbors and healthcare workers. Many of our friends and fellow Virginians have fallen ill, lost their jobs, or lost a loved one because of COVID-19. I see everyday how much we have lost, but I remain confident we will rebuild and become stronger than before.

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Delaney Dispatch (Coronavirus Update - May 2, 2020)

I hope you and your family are doing well in these trying times. This newsletter provides updates on testing in Virginia, resources for student borrowers, and updates on elective and dental procedures, as well as reminders about resources available for your mental health and for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

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Delaney Dispatch (Coronavirus Update - April 24, 2020)

I hope everyone has had a safe and healthy week! In this newsletter, I'll be discussing some highlights from our reconvene session in Richmond, as well as some updates on elective surgeries, DMV and other vehicle services, and testing.

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Delaney Dispatch (Coronavirus Update - April 17, 2020)

I hope you and your families are staying safe and healthy as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect our communities. In this newsletter, I have included updates from this week on non-essential business closures, our biennium budget, and more. I hope you find this information helpful, and I will write again next Friday to give a summary of happenings through the week.

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Delaney Dispatch (Coronavirus Update - April 9, 2020)

I hope you and your families are doing well in these trying times. Yesterday, Gov. Northam announced further measures the administration is taking to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in Virginia. These measures include a proposal to push back May and June elections, a re-examination of the recently passed biennial budget, and an investigation into the racial disparities in COVID-19 cases and care.

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Delaney Dispatch (Coronavirus Update - March 30, 2020)

As you may have heard, today Gov. Northam issued a stay-at-home order for all Virginians, which will be effective until June 10th. Residents must stay in their homes except to engage in essential activities, such as seeking medical care or buying necessary food and supplies. This situation is incredibly serious, and it is in the best interest of everyones' health and safety to remain at home unless leaving is absolutely necessary.

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Delaney Dispatch (Coronavirus Update - March 23, 2020)

As the COVID-19 situation continues to unfold around us, I wanted to reach out with further updates and developments from our state and local governments.

As we continue to navigate this pandemic, more updates will come. I have launched a page on my website with coronavirus updates, and have included other websites where you can find information as well. I know how difficult this situation is for everyone, but I know that if we continue to aggressively combat the spread of COVID-19, we will flatten Virginia's curve. I also know that our communities are strong, and by working together, we will emerge from this crisis even stronger.

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Delaney Dispatch (Coronavirus Update - March 17, 2020)

As a follow-up to last week's newsletter, I wanted to send out more information on the developing situation in Virginia, including announcements from our county and state governments, and information on resources to be used in this difficult time.

I believe we will emerge from this trying time as a stronger community, and as we are seeking ways to support our businesses and the people who are most vulnerable, I am urging everyone who is capable of staying home to please do so at this time.  Extensive social distancing now is our best hope for sparing lives in the future.

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Delaney Dispatch (Coronavirus Update - March 12, 2020)

As you know, Virginia is in the midst of mitigating the effects of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) in the Commonwealth. Our state government has been aware of the pandemic since its first noted case in China, and has been working hard to mitigate the spread of the disease amongst our communities.

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Delaney Dispatch (2020 Session - Week 9)

We are coming to the end of a very long, but rewarding legislative session. The House has considered almost 2,000 bills, covering everything from worker protections to dramatically increasing transportation funding and safety, and I am happy to have played a part in this historic session.


Delaney Dispatch (2020 Session - Week 8)

We're in the home stretch of the 2020 legislative session! Over the past 8 weeks, we have made historic change on behalf of our environment, working families, and vulnerable members of our community. 


Delaney Dispatch (2020 Session - Week 7)

Happy budget week! As you may know, this session we are crafting the next biennium budget for the Commonwealth. Over the past weeks, the House and Senate Appropriations Committees have been diligently examining member requests for amendments to the Governor's proposed budget, and they released their report last Sunday. 

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Delaney Dispatch (2020 Session - Week 6)

We have passed the halfway point of the 2020 session! During the past six weeks, the House has considered 1,743 bills. All in all, we passed 828 pieces of legislation that will transform how Virginia treats its workers, the environment, women, and children.

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Delaney Dispatch (2020 Session - Week 5)

We are just one day away from crossover, a point in the Legislature when all the bills that pass the House go to the Senate, and the Senate bills come to the house for consideration. We must finish our work on House Bills on Tuesday, and all surviving bills will then go through the entire Senate process, which includes being heard by Senate sub and full committee and being heard on the Senate floor before it heads to the Governor's office to be signed into law. 

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Delaney Dispatch (2020 Session - Week 4)

Session is moving forward at full speed, and we have passed even more landmark legislation in the House! This week, we finalized ratification of the ERA, passed needed legislation to make it easier to vote, and sent critical gun violence prevention bills to the Senate. Next week promises to be even busier, and I look forward to sharing all our progress with you as we approach crossover.

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Delaney Dispatch (2020 Session - Week 3)

We have had another busy week in Richmond! My first bill of the 2020 session passed the House floor and is ready to go to the Senate. My committees are working through hundreds of pieces of legislation, and there is plenty of activity on the House floor. I am excited to see what will come in the next few weeks, and look forward to sharing some updates on my legislation.

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Delaney Dispatch (2020 Session - Week 2)

We had quite an eventful week in Richmond! In case you missed it, Virginia has officially ratified the ERA, making us the 38th and final state needed to have the federal government act. I was so honored to cast my vote in favor of the Equal Rights Amendment, and I am looking forward to being a part of more landmark votes in the future.

Things are moving quickly in Richmond. Bills have been referred to committee and subcommittee, many groups have come through to advocate for legislation, and I am looking forward to continuing productive conversation on all the bills we are considering this session.

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Delaney Dispatch (2020 Session - Week 1)

On Wednesday, we gaveled in the 2020 General Assembly Legislative Session. This year marks a new era for the Commonwealth of Virginia. As we enter our 401st year as a legislature, we have proudly elected the first female Speaker of the House, Eileen Filler-Corn, and first female Clerk of the Court. We also have our first female woman of color majority leader Charniele Herring. Among our historic firsts, we also see new diverse leaders who will Chair and Vice-Chair our committees. 

I am personally honored to have been assigned to three committees: Courts of Justice, Transportation, and Health, Welfare and Institutions. The Committee of Courts of Justice considers matters relating to the Courts of the Commonwealth including all matters considering the criminal laws of the Commonwealth, as well as nominations of judges and justices where provided by the Constitution and statutes of Virginia.

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Delaney Dispatch (January 3, 2020)

Happy New Year! I hope 2020 brings you great joy and positive change to the Commonwealth of Virginia. The 2020 legislative session starts on Wednesday, January 8th. From January 8th to March 7th, your state elected officials will be reviewing thousands of bills and considering new opportunities for Virginia. 

During the legislative session, I will be sending you a weekly update. This update will provide an overview of the happenings of the General Assembly, popular bills and items that I am personally championing. If you have any questions about the legislative process or upcoming bills or issues, please reach out. 

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Delaney Dispatch (December 9, 2019)

I hope you are having a great winter and are starting to feel the holiday spirit! First and foremost, I want to thank you for re-electing me to be your Virginia House Delegate. It has been a pleasure to serve the 67th House District for the last two years and I look forward to the years to come.

We are only 29 days away from the 2020 legislative session. I know each of you has a priority list of what you would like to see in the new year, and I would welcome you to share them with me. Please join one of my three town halls in the next two weeks or attend an upcoming public hearing with your local county!

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Delaney Dispatch (October 9, 2019)

Earlier this year, I and the rest of the General Assembly, negotiated a $1 billion tax relief deal which would provide every Virginian who pays income taxes a tax rebate. Yours in on the way. The Commonwealth began sending the tax rebate checks of up to $110 for individuals and up to $220 for couples who file jointly.  If you filed a 2018 Virginia income tax return by July 1, 2019, and you have a 2018 tax liability in Virginia, you could be eligible for a refund.

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Delaney Dispatch (September 4, 2019)

I wish you and your loved ones had a very happy Labor Day. On each and every Labor Day, we should take a moment to thank workforce and labor advocates who have secured workers protections such as safe working conditions and child labor laws and who are continuing their fight to secure further protections for our workforce.  

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Delaney Dispatch (August 1, 2019)

July 30th of this year marked the 400th anniversary of the first meeting of the General Assembly in Virginia. 400 years ago, leaders of the eleven major settlements in Virginia met and set democracy in America into motion. 

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Delaney Dispatch (July 15, 2019)

On July 9th, members of the General Assembly went down to Richmond to discuss legislation that would tackle the issue of gun violence in the Commonwealth. Commonsense gun legislation which as reinstating the one-gun-a-month law in Virginia, requiring gun holders to report stolen or lost guns to authorities, and bans on high capacity weapons like "assault" weapons, were proposed. 

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Delaney Dispatch (June 4, 2019)

As you know, Virginia Beach experienced a tragic shooting last week. The effects of this tragedy is reverberating across the Commonwealth and have hit hard here in Northern Virginia. My heart goes out to those who lost their lives, those recovering in the hospitals and the friends, family, and communities affected by this event.

If you are interested in helping the City of Virginia Beach and those who have been touched by this mass shooting please click here. 

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Delaney Dispatch (May 6, 2019)

In the next few months, I will be back knocking doors in the district and connecting with you one-on-one. When I ran for office in 2017, I pledged to be a voice of the community and to put people before politics. I am proud to have delivered on this promise and to rally for your needs down in Richmond. As I connect with you in the community, please let me know how I can continue my advocacy for issues that matter most to you.  

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Delaney Dispatch (Reconvene Session Overview - April 11, 2019)

Last Wednesday the General Assembly reconvened to hear bills in which the Governor either vetoed or amended. In total, we heard 64 pieces of legislation, 17 vetoes and 47 recommendations (a.k.a amendments or subsitute bills). 

The vetoes we sustained this reconvene session did the following:

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Delaney Dispatch (GA Overview - March 11, 2019)

The 2019 General Assembly legislative session adjourned 15 days ago. During the 46 days we were in Richmond, we were able to bring about great changes to the Commonwealth. Below is an overview of some important items that we addressed during the session. 

We will be headed back down to Richmond next month for reconvene session. During this time we will address any bill amendments by the Governor and vote on any legislation he vetoes.   

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Delaney Dispatch (2019 Session - Week 7)

In about 24 hours, the House will adjourn and the 2019 General Assembly legislative session will come to a close. In the past 44 days, we have reviewed thousands of bills, hundreds of which will become law. In these final hours, we will also vote on a final budget. I will continue to advocate for a budget that continues our values and mission in the 67th District. 

With the session ending, I will be returning to a monthly newsletter schedule. You can also expect a final 2019 General Assembly session update as well as additional emails in response to happenings in our community.  

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Delaney Dispatch (2019 Session - Week 6)

We are a week away from the 2019 General Assembly legislative session adjourning. This past week, the House has been hearing and discussing bills that passed out of the Senate and the Senate has done the same with our bills. The majority of committees have completed their duties of hearing bills and the remainder of our work will happen on the House floor. One of the bills the House has approved was a bill that would conform our taxes to the new federal tax plan. This bill will allows the Commonwealth to swiftly provide Virginians with their tax refunds. It is on Governor's desk and he has until midnight on February 20th to sign the bill into law. 

One of the final bills which still needs to be voted on is the budget. At the beginning of the legislative session, the Governor proposed his budget. This budget was debated on and amended by both the Senate and the House of Delegates. Each body has presented their versions of the budget, which were both approved by their respective bodies. 

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Delaney Dispatch (2019 Session - Week 5)

This week was crossover week, where all remaining house bills were heard, discussed, and voted on. Between Monday and Tuesday, we voted on more than 500 bills. Three of these bills addressed how to handle the tax windfall Virginia will receive due to changes to the federal tax structure, tax conformity, and our budget for fiscal year 2020.

Our primary focus continues to be on tax conformity and the budget. We continue to work on agreements for bills that will address standard deductions on Virginia state taxes,  tax conformity which will ease the tax filing process for Virginians and allow us to send tax refunds in a timely manner, and finally, House Bill 1700, also known as the "budget bill," which passed out of the House of Delegates with my support. 

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Delaney Dispatch (2019 Session - Week 4)

On Tuesday, we will enter "crossover." This is the halfway point in the General Assembly where all the bills introduced by a Delegate must be heard in the House and, if supported in committee, come to the floor for a vote by the entire House of Delegates. Concurrently, this same processes must be done in the Senate with all Senate bills. Once the House and Senate have voted on their respective bills, they will crossover to the parallel body and go through the subcommittee, committee and full body approval process, once again. 

This means that the coming convening of the House of Delegates will result in long days and thorough debates of final House bills, including our budget bill proposal.

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Delaney Dispatch (2019 Session - Week 3)

This week in Richmond, I had the great pleasure of supporting bills which would directly improve the lives and livelihood of Virginians.  Yesterday House Bill 1686, also known the "Renewables First Act", was heard before a subcommittee. This bill would prioritize the creation of new renewable energy generation facilities and temporarily halt the creation of new fossil fuel facilities, allowing green energy facilities to catch up to fossil fuel in the Commonwealth.

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Delaney Dispatch (2019 Session - Week 2)

Things are buzzing in Richmond. I have had several pieces of legislation up before sub and full committees, and am proud that some of them have prevailed and are on their way to the floor of the House of Delegates. One of these pieces of legislation was inspired by a constituent who presented an issue with current Virginia code which would not allow him to meet both the standards of his industry and the law.

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Delaney Dispatch (2019 Session - Week 1)

At noon on Wednesday, my fellow Delegates and I convened the 2019 regular General Assembly Session. Since gaveling in, we have referred nearly 3,000 bills to their respective committees, have met with numerous constituents, and have started meeting with our assigned committees and subcommittees.

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