Delegate Delaney's Legislation Doubles Recess in Price William County

The Value Of Recess And How One Local Mom Doubled Playtime For Her Kids

Prince William’s County mom Barbara Larrimore started More Recess for Virginians.

Next year, elementary schools students in Prince William County will enjoy double the recess time– 30 minutes instead of 15. The change is the result of a recently passed Virginia law that allows recess time to count as instructional time, and reflects a growing region-wide recognition of the value of recess for kids. Researchers say outdoor playtime improves students outcomes inside and outside the classroom. Kojo explores recess time in the region.

Barbara Larrimore, Founder, More Recess for Virginians @barbaralarrimo2

Jennifer Oxley, Executive Director, Playworks of Greater Washington DC; @PlayworksDC

Karrie Delaney, Virginia State Delegate (D-Fairfax and Loudoun Counties); @KarrieKDelaney