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Jobs & the Local Economy:

Karrie’s top priority is to grow our economy by supporting innovative economic development to create good-paying, local jobs. Northern Virginia is a technological hub and Karrie is dedicated to investing in the people of Northern Virginia to ensure we harness all of the resources available to grow our local economy. That is why Karrie was appointed by Democrats and Republicans as Chair of the Fairfax County Library Board, where she is currently leading the charge to provide small businesses and entrepreneurs with access to 3-D printers, and everyone the opportunity to test prototypes that can launch new businesses.


As a mother of two young children, as well as a member and past vice president of her daughter’s PTA, Karrie is running to protect and improve our public schools in Northern Virginia. For far too long Richmond has taken advantage of Northern Virginia as an unlimited funding source for the rest of the Commonwealth.

Karrie is dedicated to bringing home our fair share of education funding to ensure our children are receiving a world-class education. That starts by recruiting the most talented teachers, providing top-notch resources and supplies to classrooms, and investing in our public education system to lower class sizes across Northern Virginia. This also means investing in Full-Day Kindergarten for all children because numerous studies show the positive affect an early start to education can have on a child’s overall educational success.

Improving Transportation:

Transportation and traffic is a crucial issue in Northern Virginia that Richmond has neglected to address with anything more than “band-aid” fixes to get re-elected. That is why Karrie is dedicated to bringing together Republicans and Democrats to find long-range, comprehensive solutions that will ease traffic congestion. We can achieve this by investing in cleanly and efficiently widening I-66, fixing and expanding metro, and exploring new innovative solutions that can ease congestion for an ever-growing Northern Virginia population over the coming years and decades.

Health and Human Service:

This year our local communities are especially vulnerable to the erratic whims of President Trump, and his attacks on critical services like health care. Our state legislature is the last line of defense and Karrie is dedicated to leading that defense and protecting the people of Virginia. That starts by expanding our Medicaid coverage, which in the 2017 legislative session would have provided an additional 400,000 Virginians with access to affordable health care, as well as 33,000 new jobs and an annual $73,000 savings in the state budget, if it passed. Not only is it good for our economy, but it is good for the overall health of our community.

Additionally, as a former sexual assault crisis counselor, Karrie also knows firsthand the importance of women having the right to make their own healthcare decisions. That is why she is determined to stand up and protect funding for clinics that provide lifesaving cancer and other health screenings for women. She has always and will always stand up for a woman's right to choose, access to contraceptive care, and comprehensive pre- and post-natal healthcare.

Women’s Equality:

Karrie is determined to end the wage gap and will fight to ensure all women receive equal pay for equal work and that pregnant women are not discriminated against. Karrie will fight for paid family leave and paid sick leave so working people can take paid time off to care for a newborn, recover from an illness, or care for a sick family member.


As the daughter of a U.S. Army Veteran who worked in the VA Hospital for 30 Years, Karrie has seen firsthand the needs of our Veteran community, and is dedicated to fulfilling our commitment to the men and women who have bravely served our country and fought for our freedom. Karrie will fight to ensure all Veterans receive access to the best health care, benefits, housing, and high-quality jobs trainings to help rejoin the civil workforce.

Virginia Seniors:

Karrie knows that Virginia’s seniors have given countless years to making our communities a better place to live in. That’s why Karrie is dedicated to standing up and being an advocate for Northern Virginia Seniors in the General Assembly by making sure those who commit fraud against them are prosecuted.

Energy and the Environment:

Karrie believes the technology corridor in Northern Virginia provides a unique opportunity to become a central hub for energy independence that is also environmentally friendly. Karrie is dedicated to bringing together all the necessary partners to begin Virginia’s responsible transition, of both the workforce and energy partners, towards 21st Century Clean Energy.

Protecting Our Community:

Karrie is a strong proponent of responsible gun ownership and commonsense gun laws that keep guns off school campuses, expand background checks, and close the gun-show loophole. This will result in keeping weapons out of the hands of the domestic abusers and the dangerously-mentally ill to make our communities safer.