Delaney Dispatch 3/9/2018



                  The Delaney Dispatch                

Dear Friend,

As session comes to a close, I want to reiterate my thankfulness for your support and providing me the distinct privilege of serving as your Virginia House Delegate. The past sixty days have been intense, yet we have been able to hear over 5,000 pieces of legislation and hundreds of innovative ideas on how we can better our Commonwealth.

As you may have heard, the House and the Senate have yet to agree on a budget. This means that we will be adjourning tomorrow, March 10th, without an official budget and then reconvening for a special session before the end of June. I remain hopeful that the final agreed upon budget will expand Medicaid, provide a 2% salary increase for state and university employees, increase teacher pay and provide more funding per student to local governments. As the budget process progresses, I will be sure to keep you updated.

Despite our inability to reconcile a budget at this time, I am proud to say that the Commonwealth has approved great legislation this year, including House Bill 1419 which allows school boards to provide more recess, House Bill 83 which provides feminine products to inmates free of charge, House Bill 1333 which creates a Kinship Guardian Assistance program, House Bill 1550 which increases the grand larceny threshold from $250 to $500 and many others. 

It has been a great first session, and I look forward to many more. Please continue to connect with my office and let me know if there is anything I can do for you. 


Humbly Yours, 


See You at My Office Hours:
I invite you to the Chantilly Regional Library on April 7th from 11 am -1 pm for my second set of office hours. Office hours will allow you to express your concerns or comments about the 2018 General Assembly session and or about items happening in the District. 
Where: Chantilly Regional Library (4000 Stringfellow Rd, Chantilly, VA 20151)
WhenSaturday, April 7 from 11 AM - 1 PM
To ensure that I am able to see everyone, I kindly ask that you sign-up for a time slot by clicking here
If you are not able to attend but wish to share your concerns and comments, please contact my Richmond office at 804-698-1067
I look forward to seeing you!

Future Town Halls

I was disappointed when last week's high winds and power outages caused us to cancel our town hall. I apologize to all who planned to attend, and I thank you for understanding our need to cancel due to the closing of all schools and libraries. My office is working diligently to identify new dates for my town hall with Senator Chap Petersen and is the process of scheduling a second townhall with Delegate Jennifer Boysko. Stay tuned for further information on these upcoming events. 


Final Recess Language is Here:

I am happy to announce that we have finally passed comprehensive bill language that allows elementary school children more access to recess. After having some great discussion with the conferees of House Bill 1419 and its companion bill, Senate Bill 273, we have passed final language is now on its way to the Governor's desk. 

Local school boards shall provide (i) a minimum of 680 hours of instructional time to students in elementary school,
except for students in half-day kindergarten, in the four academic disciplines of English, mathematics, science, and history and social science and (ii) a minimum of 375 hours of instructional time to students in half-day kindergarten in the four academic disciplines of English, mathematics, science, and history and social science.
§ 2. Local school boards may include and the Board of Education shall accept, for elementary school, unstructured
recreational time that is intended to develop teamwork, social skills, and overall physical fitness in any calculation of total
instructional time or teaching hours, provided that such unstructured recreational time does not exceed 15 percent of total instructional time or teaching hours.
Thank you to all the advocates who rallied behind this bill, ensuring that the final language allowed more recess to be accessible and implementable. I look forward to seeing how this piece of legislation will be used by local school boards and the changes we will see in our youth's health and focus. 


2018 Governor’s Fellows Program

Governor Ralph Northam has announced the launch of the 2018 Governor’s Fellows Program. The Governor’s Fellows Program offers graduate students, rising college seniors, and graduating college seniors the opportunity to experience firsthand the administration of state government in the Commonwealth. These outstanding and highly motivated students will have the opportunity to learn directly under Cabinet secretaries in the Office of the Governor. The deadline to apply is March 18th. You can find more information here.


Delegate Karrie Delaney
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District Phone Number: 703-996-9415
Richmond Office Phone Number: 804-698-1076