Delaney Dispatch 2/9/18


                  The Delaney Dispatch                

Dear Friend,

We are already halfway through the 2018 General Assembly Session, meaning that by next week all bills which have passed out of the House of Delegates will be on their way to the Senate. I am happy to announce that my first bill will be heard by the Senate on Monday and am hopeful that there are more to come. As the House begins to hear the Senate bills, our Chamber will have to make sure that the health of the Commonwealth is the main focus and that we are casting votes that keep the wellbeing our citizens at heart. 

With crossover just around the corner, I was happy to go back home this weekend to be with my family and attend the Chinese New Year Festival in Falls Church. It was great to see some of you there, as well as some of my other House od Delegate Colleuages. 

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me at 804-698-1067 or with any questions or concerns you may have. 

Humbly Yours, 


Save the Date! Delegate Delaney and Senator Petersen's Town Hall:
Please join me and Senator Chap Petersen on March 3rd from 2-4 PM at Chantilly High School for our 2018 General Assembly Session Town Hall. 
We will discuss happenings of the 2018 General Assembly session and will talk about a variety of topics such as Medicaid expansion, transportation, and education.  You can RSVP to the Facebook event by clicking here
If you have any questions, send an email or call 804-698-1067
See You at My Office Hours:
I invite you to the Chantilly Regional Library on February 25th from 1 -3 pm for my second set of office hours. Office hours will allow you to express your concerns or comments on what's happening during the 2018 General Assembly session and within the District. 
Where: Chantilly Regional Library (4000 Stringfellow Rd, Chantilly, VA 20151)
WhenSunday, February 25th from 1 PM - 3 PM
To ensure that I am able to see everyone, I kindly ask that you sign-up for a time slot by clicking here
If you are not able to attend but wish to share your concerns and comments, please contact my Richmond office at 804-698-1067
I look forward to seeing you!
Thank You For Stopping By!
I want to thank everyone who visited my office or office hours last weekend at the Chantilly Regional Library. It is always a pleasure to meet with constituents and advocacy groups. If you are planning a trip to Richmond during the legislative session, please be sure to reach out to my office. I would thoroughly enjoy having you as my guest, providing you with tours of the Capitol and inviting you to sit in the Gallery during session

Local Boy Scouts 

Avid Sully District Volunteers and Advocates

67th District Advocate for Children in Sports

Advocates from Moms Demand Action

Advocating for Lawful Employers:

Yesterday, House Bill 1293 was passed out of the full Commerce and Labor Committee. This bill would increase a financial penalty placed upon unlawful employers who fail to file tax and wage information with the Virginia Employment Commission. This bill tackles the large issue of misclassification in Virginia, that results in business owners undercutting their competitors, allowing them to outbid those businesses who follow the law. 

I look forward to defending this bill on the House floor early next week. 

Defending HB1293 Before the Commerce and Labor  Subcommittee 


The Fight for Recess Continues: 

This week, House Bill 1419, was heard before the full Education Committee. HB 1419 modifies current Department of Education standards and allows for greater flexibility in the school's schedule and instructor requirements. This flexibility would allow students more unstructured time each day, resulting in increased focus and enhancing their learning experience. 

More Recess for Virginians Advocates 

Near-Unanimous Support for HB1419

I am happy to report that HB 1419 almost gained unanimous support by the Education committee and is headed to the Hosue Floor. I will have the pleasure to speak to this bill on the House Floor on Monday and hope that it will have continued bipartisan support.

Thank you to More Recess for Virginians, Virginia PTA, the American Heart Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, VOICES for Virginia's Children and many others for supporting House Bill 1419 and advocating for children. 

It has been a pleasure to have support from across the aisle. Delegate John McGuire has signed on as a Chief Co-Patron  I am happy to see that the health of our children and their academic successes have been embraced by Virginia House Delegates!


Bringing Attention to the Dangers of Falling:

This week, House Joint Resolution 81 was passed out of the Rules Committee. HJ 81 designates the third full week in September, from 2018 onward, as “Fall Prevention Awareness Week.”  Falls persist to be a leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries. In 2014, alone, over 600,000 seniors reported that they experienced a significant fall, 265,000 of which resulted in injuries. Such experiences can severely affect an individual’s independence and quality of life.

Fall Prevention Awareness Week in Virginia will allow coalitions to work their community to increase awareness and promote strategies to reduce fall risk. I am hopeful that state awareness around this risk will bring forth great information which will benefit us all. 

Lobbyist in a Box

Want to track bills during the 2018 General Assembly Session? Be sure to sign-up for Lobbyist in A Box. This program allows you to track up to 5 bills for no charge. You will receive email notifications when the bills are referred to a House or Senate Committee, passed or failed, and referred to the House or Senate floor. 

This program will provide you the opportunity to stay up to date with the progression of legislation that matters to you. 




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