Delaney Dispatch 2/23/2018


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Dear Friend, 

I am proud to announce that the House has passed a budget that includes the expansion of Medicaid, which would provide 300,000 more Virginians with healthcare. This was one of my main promises during our campaign, and I am happy to say that we have delivered it in the House of Delegates. The endorsed Medicaid expansion budget amendment was a bipartisan effort to protect some of our most vulnerable people. 

Many have expressed concern about the work requirement noted in the bill. I recognized that this provision is not perfect, but was a compromise that was needed to ensure that 400,000 individuals were insured. There are many subsets of individuals who will be exempt from the work requirement. They include, those who are disabled, under the age of 18, over 55, reside in institutions, determined medically frail, diagnosed with a mental illness, pregnant and postpartum women, former foster children under 26 and primary caregivers.

The next step in securing Medicaid expansion lies in negotiations with the Virginia Senate. The budget proposed by the Senate Appropriations Committee did not include Medicaid expansion, resulting in funding cuts from others area of the budget. The two chambers will enter conference in the coming weeks and will create a budget in which we all can agree to. As the budget goes to conference, I will continue to stand in support of Medicaid expansion. 

Thank you to all who have fought the good fight in seeking this expansion. I am hopeful that we will prevail. 

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me at 804-698-1067 or  with any questions or concerns you may have. 

Humbly Yours, 


Save the Date! Delegate Delaney and Senator Petersen's Town Hall:
Please join me and Senator Chap Petersen on March 3rd from 2-4 PM at Chantilly High School for our 2018 General Assembly Session Town Hall. 
We will discuss happenings of the 2018 General Assembly session and will talk about a variety of topics such as Medicaid expansion, transportation, and education.  You can RSVP to the Facebook event by clicking here
If you have any questions, send an email to or call 804-698-1067
See You at My Office Hours:
I invite you to the Chantilly Regional Library on February 25th from 1 -3 pm for my second set of office hours. Office hours will allow you to express your concerns or comments on what's happening during the 2018 General Assembly session and within the District. 
Where: Chantilly Regional Library (4000 Stringfellow Rd, Chantilly, VA 20151)
WhenSunday, February 25th from 1 PM - 3 PM
To ensure that I am able to see everyone, I kindly ask that you sign-up for a time slot by clicking here
If you are not able to attend but wish to share your concerns and comments, please contact my Richmond office at 804-698-1067
I look forward to seeing you!

2018 Governor’s Fellows Program

Governor Ralph Northam has announced the launch of the 2018 Governor’s Fellows Program. The Governor’s Fellows Program offers graduate students, rising college seniors, and graduating college seniors the opportunity to experience firsthand the administration of state government in the Commonwealth. These outstanding and highly motivated students will have the opportunity to learn directly under Cabinet secretaries in the Office of the Governor. The deadline to apply is March 18th. You can find more information here.

Sensible Gun Legislation, What Can We Do?

After last week's school shooting in Parkland, Florida, I received numerous email from you, urging me and my colleagues to tackle the issue of gun violence. I heard your pleas and reflected your heartbreak. Yet, I had to announce that the House of Delegate proposed several pieces of sensible gun legislation, which were all defeated in committee. My colleagues and I tried our hardest to gain support for these pieces of legislation, but the ideology that guns aren't the issue prevailed. 

When it comes to this issue, the schism within the House of Delegates is not hard to see. We have rooted ourselves in our beliefs and have not found common ground. This is unacceptable. 

Some residents of the Commonwealth have urged House members to fight and push back against those who resist gun regulations, regardless of consequences. I am asking my House colleagues to take a collegial approach. With the current makeup of ideological differences on this issue, we will not be successful by placing blame on others. Rather, we need to find a common ground and build on it. Though it is too late to pass any more legislation during the 2018 regular General Assembly Session, we can start conversations now that can result in productive and effective legislation in the future.

Please do not stop your great advocacy. I committed to working with you until we find solutions. 


Headed to the Governor's Desk 

Yesterday, my second piece of legislation passed out of the Senate and is headed to the Governor's Desk to be signed into law. House Bill 1293 is a piece of legislation which addresses the multi-million dollar issue of worker misclassification in the Commonwealth while also addressing the act of unlawful businesses undercutting their lawful counterparts in the bidding process for jobs and contracts. 

HB1293 increases the penalty charged to unlawful business owners who fail to file tax and wage information with the Virginia Employment Commission from $75 to $100. This fee increase will bring an additional $1 million to the Commonwealth’s Virginia Employment Commission.
Lobbyist in a Box

Want to track bills during the 2018 General Assembly Session? Be sure to sign-up for Lobbyist in A Box. This program allows you to track up to 5 bills for no charge. You will receive email notifications when the bills are referred to a House or Senate Committee, passed or failed, and referred to the House or Senate floor. 

This program will provide you the opportunity to stay up to date with the progression of legislation that matters to you.



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