Delaney Dispatch (2020 Session - Week 2)



                Delaney Dispatch               


January 17, 2020 

Dear Neighbor,

We had quite an eventful week in Richmond! In case you missed it, Virginia has officially ratified the ERA, making us the 38th and final state needed to have the federal government act. I was so honored to cast my vote in favor of the Equal Rights Amendment, and I am looking forward to being a part of more landmark votes in the future.

Things are moving quickly in Richmond. Bills have been referred to committee and subcommittee, many groups have come through to advocate for legislation, and I am looking forward to continuing productive conversation on all the bills we are considering this session.

As always, I am here to help you and hear your concerns, comments or questions. Do not hesitate to contact me at 703-996-9415 or Thank you for allowing me the privilege to serve as your House Delegate.  

Best Wishes, 


January Office Hours:

I invite you to meet with me on January 18th from 10 AM - 12 PM at Chantilly Regional Library for my monthly office hours. Office hours will allow constituents of the 67th District to express their concerns or comments on what's happening at the state level and within the district.


To ensure that Delegate Delaney is able to see everyone, it is asked that you sign-up for a time slot at


If you are having difficulties signing up or are not able to attend and still wish to share your concerns and comments, please contact Delegate Delaney's office at 703-996-9415 or


Status of my Legislation:


This week, I defended two of my bills, both of which passed through committee and subcommittee.


On Wednesday, I spoke about HB 408 to the House Finance Committee, which would extend the Green Job Creation Tax Credit in Virginia. As we move toward a greener future, I think it is critical that we incentivize green job growth across the Commonwealth by offering businesses a $500 tax credit for every green job created. The bill will now head to the House floor for readings.


Yesterday, I defended HB 983 to the House Transportation Subcommittee on Systems. This bill will allow Incident Management vehicles to respond to accidents on our roadways more quickly, and make our roads safer for all who drive on them. I am proud to say that it was unanimously recommended by the subcommittee, and will now go to the full House Transportation Committee.


Next week I will be defending even more of my legislation, and I am excited to share updates with you. For a day-to-day look at my bills, you can go to my Facebook page.

Great to See You!

It's great to reconnect with you all in Richmond!. If you're ever down in the Capitol region, please be sure to stop by and say hello. You can reach out to my office at or 703-996-9415.   


   Speaking to my bill in Transportation Subcommittee              Speaking to Advocates from VOICES


                  Speaking to my bill in House Finance                The Passage of the ERA in the House of Delegates




PO BOX 231023 Centreville, VA 20120


District Phone Number: 703-996-9415

Richmond Office Phone Number: 804-698-1067