Delaney Dispatch - 2020 Session, Week 1


                Delaney Dispatch               

January 10, 2020 

Dear Neighbor,

On Wednesday, we gaveled in the 2020 General Assembly Legislative Session. This year marks a new era for the Commonwealth of Virginia. As we enter our 401st year as a legislature, we have proudly elected the first female Speaker of the House, Eileen Filler-Corn, and first female Clerk of the Court. We also have our first female woman of color majority leader Charniele Herring. Among our historic firsts, we also see new diverse leaders who will Chair and Vice-Chair our committees. 

I am personally honored to have been assigned to three committees: Courts of Justice, Transportation, and Health, Welfare and Institutions. The Committee of Courts of Justice considers matters relating to the Courts of the Commonwealth including all matters considering the criminal laws of the Commonwealth, as well as nominations of judges and justices where provided by the Constitution and statutes of Virginia.

The Transportation Committee considers matters concerning airports, airspace and airways; laws concerning motor vehicles relating to the rules of the road or traffic regulations and laws concerning transportation companies, transportation public utilities and license plates. 

Finally, the Health, Welfare and Institutions Committee considers matters concerning public health, mental heath, social services and welfare and regulations of health professionals.

Through these committees, I will be able to shape the future of the Commonwealth through justice for Virginians, properly addressing roadway concerns, and ensuring that our health care and social services programs properly serve the people of the Commonwealth. 

I am proud to be sponsoring 24 bills this legislative session. My portfolio covers a great span of issues and has an emphasis on supporting our working families, protecting the environment, and protecting those effected by domestic and sexual violence. Below is a highlight of some of my 2020 bills. You can read all the bills I am carrying this legislative session by clicking here

  • House Bill 407 ensures that law breaking businesses that incorporate the practice of misclassification into their regular business operations are prohibited from gaining state contracts. The issue of worker misclassification costs the Commonwealth millions in uncollected tax dollars each year.
  • House Bill 408 extends the needed green job creation tax credit to 2026
  • House Bill 413 which authorizes local authorities to set minimum energy standards for new development.
  • House Bill 414 which provides more rights to homeowners who live in homeowners’ associations (HOAs) and want to install solar panels on their home.
  • House Bill 415 requires local school authorities to form policies that ensure that children who are suspended are still permitted access to graded work so they do not fall behind in their education.
  • House Bill 412 adds dating relationships to the definition of household member, which allows victims of violence by a domestic partner protection and legal recourse in the Commonwealth of Virginia, a right they have not been afforded in the past. 
  • House Bill 547 establishes the Virginia Energy and Economy Transition Council, a council that will help transition the Commonwealth of Virginia from its dependency on fossil fuel usage and production to an economy that reflects our state’s transition away from these industries as we enter a green energy economy.
  • House Bill 798 is a reintroduction of my non-retaliation bill from the 2019 session. This piece of legislation would allow employees to report illegal actions of their employer without fearing retaliation or termination. Currently, Virginians can witness the companies they work for commit unethical or criminal acts and still be fired if they step forward and report their employer’s wrongdoing. 
  • House Bill 800 is my Wage Theft Prevention Act that recognizes that there are countless Virginians who have earned wages stolen from them every year. Currently, it is not required for employers to provide their own name, the name of their business, the address of their business, terms of employment and/or terms of pay to their employees. This leaves workers vulnerable and unaware of the conditions of their employment and provides them no recourse to collect stolen wages, for the courts do not have the proper information to summon the employer to court. My bill fills gaps in current Virginia law and ensures that workers have all the appropriate information to collect stolen wages from unlawful employers. 

As always, I am here to help you and hear your concerns, comments or questions. Do not hesitate to contact me at 703-996-9415 or Thank you for allowing me the privilege to serve as your House Delegate.  

Best Wishes, 


Take My Legislative Survey:

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