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January 11, 2019

Dear Neighbor,

At noon on Wednesday, my fellow Delegates and I convened the 2019 regular General Assembly Session. Since gaveling in, we have referred nearly 3,000 bills to their respective committees, have met with numerous constituents, and have started meeting with our assigned committees and subcommittees. 

All of my bills for the 2019 session have been officially filled. You can view them here.

I am proud to be tackling a variety of issues which impact both our districts and underrepresented populations throughout the Commonwealth. Broader topics of the legislation I am carrying are as follows:

Transportation: Transportation and transportation issues riddle our area. I am proud to have filled the following bills which will alleviate traffic and the financial hardships of tolls from I-66.

  • House Bill 2643 caps tolls collected on I-66 at $15. Currently, $40 tolls are hurting our neighbors, we must limit this financial abuse.
  • House Bill 2633 ensures that state transportation projects decrease traffic, not increase it. This will require for more analysis of every project to ensure that auxiliary roads and surrounding areas are not congestion by a new project. 
  • House Bill 1818 allows localities the ability to take their uniformed police officers off of parking meters and place them back in the community. 
Protecting Women & Children: One of my top priorities this General Assembly session is protecting the women and children of Virginia.
  • House Bill 2613 ensures that health care providers inform new mothers who have just given birth about postpartum anxiety so that they know the signs and can seek treatment sooner if they are suffering. 
  • House Bill 1817 makes sex tourism illegal in Virginia, by making it a crime to sell travel for the purpose of commercial sex. This bill targets those who take advantage of women for financial gain through the practice of sex tourism.
  • HJ 614 directs the Virginia State Crime Commission to study forensic nursing access in the Commonwealth. Forensic nursing programs serve victims of child abuse, intimate partner violence, sexual assault, and strangulation. Discovering gaps in our system is vital to helping those who are most affected by these violent acts. 
  • House Bill 1659 makes clergy mandated reporters of child abuse or neglect in Virginia, helping to protect victims of abuse in places of worship.
Protecting the Environment: We are at an intersection with the state of our environment, and we must take action now. I am proud to propose two bills which will focus on how Virginia can transition from fossil fuels to green energy. 
  • HB 2241 is a green job training tax credit which provides financial relief both to the employee and the employer who is transitioning themselves or a worker from the fossil fuel industry to the green sector. This bill recognizes that thousands of Virginians are dependent on fossil fuel based jobs and will help bring them into a new green age. 
  • HJ 656 studies the process of transitioning Virginia's workforce from fossil fuel-based jobs to green energy jobs. This will identify a potential timeline, costs, and will identify hardships in fully transitioning our Virginian workers to a new industry. 

Standing with Workers & Businesses: Last year I stood behind lawful businesses and advocated for a higher penalty to those who fail to properly file their employment taxes. This year, I will be standing with workers who have the courage to report illegal activity and against businesses who continue to steal from the Commonwealth.

  • House Bill 1713 is an effort to prohibit employers from retaliating against workers who report wrongdoing in their workplace. If an employee reports that their employer is committing an act of elder abuse, they should not be penalized or fired for doing the right thing.
  • House Bill 1821 takes a stand and states that if a business has been found guilty of not paying their taxes to the state, then they will be prohibited from receiving a state contract for 2 years after their violation. Businesses should not be avoiding their taxes while also being paid by the state. 
I look forward to representing you in Richmond. If I can do something for you or if you have any question or concern, please do not hesitate to reach out to my office at 703-996-9415 or

My First Bill Passed Unanimously Out of Subcommittee:

Yesterday, my first bill, House Bill 1818, passed unanimously out of subcommittee. This bill was created after Loudoun County approached me and presented the fact that cities with populations smaller than that of Loudoun and Fairfax counties have more flexibility to contract with parking enforcement service, allowing them to keep their uniformed law enforcement officers in their community. It was clear that I must respond to the concerns of the county I represent and take legislative action.
Our local law enforcement officers are already stretched thin and I firmly believe that they should be engaged in the community, protecting and serving their public, before checking parking meters. It is clear that all localities should have the same flexibility as cities do when deciding how to enforce parking regulations, and HB1818 does just that. 

January Office Hours:

I invite you to meet with me on January 19th from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm at Chantilly Regional Library for my monthly office hours. Office hours will allow constituents of the 67th District to express their concerns or comments on what's happening at the state level and within the district. 
To ensure that I have time to see everyone, we ask that you sign-up for a time slot at

My Committee Assignments:

I have been assigned to the Health and Welfare Institutions Committee and the Transportation Committee. I am looking forward to working on issues related to health and transit within the Commonwealth. I hope you'll take the time to review the legislation I will be voting on in these committees as the session progresses here

The Health, Welfare, and Institutions (HWI) Committee considers matters concerning persons with disabilities, other than learning disabilities; public buildings; public health; mental health and health professions. In addition, HWI includes matters relating to the correctional and penal institutions; drugs; social services and welfare; the regulation of health professionals and associated occupations. 
The Transportation Committee considers matters concerning airports, airspace, and airways; laws concerning motor vehicles relating to rules of the road or traffic regulations, including seat belts, radar detector, and vehicle inspection; creation of issuance of special license plates; Public-Private Transportation Act; public roads, streets, and highways; port facilities; transportation safety; public waterways and seaports; railways; transportation companies or corporations; and transportation public utilities. 
I am grateful to serve on two dynamic committees. If there is a bill of concern or interest coming to these committees in which you'd like to discuss, please feel free to contact me and share your thoughts.

Upcoming Winter Weather:

With snow in the forecast this weekend, I want to share VDOT's information on what to do in the case of a snowstorm, safety tips, and best practices. If you experience any snow-related hardships this weekend, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at 703-996-9415 or

What can you do to help?

  • Monitor weather closely, as forecasts can improve or worsen quickly.
  • Park in driveways or on the same side of the street to allow plows room to pass.
  • Adjust commutes, telework, or avoid driving during a storm and after until road conditions improve.
  • Have enough gas, wiper fluid, proper tires, medication, and an emergency car kit.
  • Give plows room to work
  • Please be patient

Throughout the season, check back regularly to stay informed:


Lobbyist in a Box:

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This program will provide you the opportunity to stay up to date with the progression of legislation that matters to you. 



Thank You For Stopping By!:

I want to thank everyone who visited my office this week. It is always a pleasure to meet with constituents and advocacy groups. If you are planning a trip to Richmond during the legislative session, please be sure to reach out to my office. I would thoroughly enjoy having you as my guest, providing you with tours of the Capitol and inviting you to sit in the Gallery during the session. 




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