About Karrie Delaney

“As a local leader and a mom, I want to make sure our community and our economy are strong, so all Northern Virginian families can prosper.”
– Karrie Delaney

Karrie Delaney has always been committed to strengthening the community for everyone.

As a leader, she knows the importance of growing Northern Virginia’s economy to create more jobs and protecting our tax dollars from being misspent. As a mother, she also knows that giving our kids the best possible education should be a top priority.

The daughter of a U.S. Army veteran, Karrie saw firsthand the importance of supporting our returning heroes. Her dad came home from Korea in the late 1950’s to get his GED and a good-paying job in a VA Hospital. We need to make sure that the opportunities for meaningful work that supports a family are there for today’s returning veterans, too.

But most importantly, Karrie understands that we need to work together—Republicans, Independents, and Democrats alike—to find common ground and solve real problems. No side has a monopoly on good ideas, so she’ll engage everyone to find creative solutions that improve life for all Northern Virginians. That’s exactly what Karrie has done throughout her career with charitable organizations and as a community leader.

After college, she worked at a group home for foster children, helping kids move out into the world with real life skills. She saw firsthand how state policy can affect the lives of vulnerable children, from a lack of resources to discrimination against gay adoptive parents. This motivated Karrie to pursue public office and she became a member of the West Melbourne City Council where she protected the future of the city by ensuring reasonable funding streams for necessary city services.

Karrie also volunteered as a sexual assault counselor and became Board President of her county’s crisis counseling organization. Because of her deep involvement in the community and working with people at a crossroads in their life, she was hired by a Republican States Attorney’s office to work with juvenile offenders, teaching them life skills and how to make restitution to their victims.

After moving to Northern Virginia, Karrie became the Communications Director for Shared Hope International, a non-profit dedicated to ending sex trafficking. There, she took her community engagement to new levels, working with local communities and international NGOs to end the brutal abuse of women from around the globe.

After leaving Shared Hope to focus on raising her family, Karrie has since started her own small consulting firm and gotten even more involved in local Fairfax issues. Republican County Supervisor Michael Frey appointed Karrie to be a member and later a chair to the Fairfax County Citizen Corps Council, which focuses on emergency preparedness . She was also appointed to the Fairfax County Library Board of Trustees, where she currently serves as Chair.

Karrie continues to volunteer and do pro bono work, notably with Voices for Vaccines, a parent-driven organization which provides parents clear, science-based information about vaccines and vaccine-preventable disease.

Now she’s ready to take the wide-ranging lessons she’s learned as a working professional, community leader, and mom, to serve all of us as our state delegate.

Karrie and her husband, Patrick, met in college and have been together ever since. They live in Fairfax and are the proud parents of Kaitlyn and Ethan.